How do you get customers to care? What gets you noticed in a competitive market? Slider & Associates is a seasoned team of professionals with plenty of answers and the experience to back them up. We offer a full complement of media relations and marketing services. We find ways to make your ideas and products stand out with the people who matter.

We produce results. We set goals and create a plan. Then we work with you to implement it, one step at a time. Because we're a virtual agency, your fees don't support a fancy infrastructure or offices. We give you cost-effective services. And our track record is outstanding.

Strategic Marketing - Create and implement aggressive and effective plans to position your company, technology, and product with key audiences

Public Relations - Manage crucial information flow and relationships with media, analysts and other industry influencers to promote positive awareness

Integrated Marketing Communications - Enhance visibility and credibility with clear, targeted, multiple-media messages; leverage efforts with joint communications

Events - Identify key events, secure appropriate opportunities for expert positioning, follow through on technical and tactical logistics

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