Slider & Associates is comprised of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in marketing and strategic communications. Based on a long history of working together, our team members have great mutual respect for one another and truly enjoy combining our talents to provide top-notch services to our clients.

Susan Lider

Susan Lider provides strategic marketing and communications counsel and oversees all work done for Slider & Associates' clients. She has more than 20 years of experience in the high tech industry in both corporate communications and editorial management. Prior to starting Slider & Associates in 1994, Susan was executive editor of LAN Times magazine. Before this, she worked for Novell in various corporate communications functions and also has public relations agency experience. Susan has an MS in Education and a BA in Psychology, and has completed computer science and management courses.

Sacha Arts

Sacha Arts brings more than 15 years of public relations experience with high technology companies ranging from start-ups such as AristaSoft and Integrasoft, to Fortune 100 companies, including Adobe Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Novell, Silicon Graphics, and Sun Microsystems. As the nature of press relations is changing rapidly, Sacha believes the need for skillful and advanced planning of targeted media communications is increasingly essential. She knows what works and doesn't waste time with pointless programs and pitches. Accomplishments include the successful launches of Novell's Network Security and HP's Small Business Solutions Initiatives, Adobe's PrintGear product introduction and the AristaSoft company launch. Sacha is fluent in Dutch, German and French. She holds an International Business Degree from Intercollege in The Netherlands and a B.S. in Public Relations with a Minor in Japanese from San Jose State University.

Pam Grange

Pam Grange provides writing services for Slider & Associates' clients as well as manages speaker placement and awards programs. She has more than 20 years of experience in high technology spanning many disciplines including writing of press and marketing materials, product marketing/management, technical support and product localization. Pam has held several positions at Novell, Fairchild and the U.S. Government. She has a Bachelor's degree from Brown University.

Amanda Iles

Amanda Iles has been a writer and communication consultant for technology companies for more than 20 years. Her clients range from start-ups to household names, her experience spans nearly all facets of the technology industry, and her written output includes press materials, case studies, web content, brochures, presentations, articles, annual reports and messaging/positioning documents. Her strengths include understanding and writing clearly about complex technologies and conveying how these technologies fit into dynamic and rapidly evolving market environments. Early in her career, Amanda worked as a writer at a couple of high-tech public relations agencies and served as the life sciences editor/reporter for a major research university. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, with a minor in philosophy, from U.C. San Diego and a graduate degree in science communication from U.C. Santa Cruz.

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