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Cost-Effective Results


Goal - Educate market about what a voice processor is, why it is important and how to evaluate it. Create industry awareness of Audience as a voice processor company that enables clear communications anywhere with noise suppression technology based on the intelligence of the human hearing system



Cost-Effective Results

"I want to express my appreciation for your work on our launch. It was a fabulous success, and I was very pleased with how our publicity efforts were conducted. Great work."
Peter Santos, Audience president & CEO


Goal - Create awareness and brand identity for start-up CenterBoard in a new technology space. Establish presence among data warehouse professionals within the enterprise as well as Systems Integrators and generate sales leads.



Cost-Effective Results

CopperCom Logo

Goal - Establish credibility for the emerging Voice over DSL market and position CopperCom as one of its leaders.


Strategy - Focus on an integrated market education program

Cost-Effective Results - Initial company launch into new market: 6-month program

"Susan Lider and her team were instrumental in the successful launch of CopperCom. Her team's strategic insights and implementation of a comprehensive PR program enabled CopperCom to establish a leadership position in a brand new market."
 - Jennifer Stagnaro, Chief Marketing Officer at CopperCom

Galen Institute Logo

A not-for-profit health and tax policy research organization.

Goal - Educate the public about the Affordable Care Act. Inform people about free-market solutions for health care. Create greater awareness of the Galen Institute and its president, Grace-Marie Turner, to promote its ideas.


Strategy - Craft powerful story ideas and send to specific targeted radio and TV media

Cost-Effective Results - Initial campaign in fall 2011 [similar results throughout first half 2012]

You are top professionals, and we cannot thank you enough at the Galen Institute for your dedication to helping us with our public relations and media outreach efforts. You bring excellence to your work in every way – from your in-depth knowledge of the media industry, to your conscientious attention to detail, and your commitment to results. And your passionate convictions in working with us to advance the cause of free-market ideas has been a tremendous bonus. Thank you for everything you have done to help us in advancing this important cause!

Grace-Marie Turner, president of the Galen Institute

Norwood Logo

Goal - Create awareness of Norwood Systems, a United Kingdom based company, in the United States as the market leader in system connectivity software for short-range, wireless office networks for voice and data.


Strategy - Create market awareness by meeting with key analysts and press prior to and at ComNet.

Cost-Effective Results - Initial company/product launch into new market

Network World - February 12, 2001
Start-up wants to network Bluetooth wireless PANs

by John Dix, Editor-in-Chief

Although some skeptics question whether the Bluetooth movement will ever succeed, the company that took home the ComNet 2001 most innovative product award two weeks ago is banking on that success.

Norwood Systems is a U.K. start-up developing software that will do for Bluetooth personal-area networks (PAN) what Novell did for departmental LAN islands - stitch them together into cohesive enterprise networks.

Network Processing Forum Logo

Goal - Get visibility for the Network Processing Forum, a new technology consortium focusing on accelerating the development of next-generation networking and telecommunications products.


Strategy - Focus on an integrated market education program.

Cost Effective Results - Initial launch and ongoing programs

"Slider & Associates has done a great job getting visibility for the Network Processing Forum, which has helped us grow our membership significantly. The Slider team drove the development of relationships with all key analysts and press in our industry, resulting in broad, positive coverage of the NP Forum."
 - Chuck Sannipoli, Chairman of the Network Processing Forum

Power X Networks Logo

Goal - Create awareness of Power X Networks as a leader in providing intelligent switch fabrics for data and telecom network equipment.


Strategy - Establish relationships with the most influential press and analysts in this segment of the semiconductor industry.

Cost-Effective Results - Ongoing press/analyst and speaker programs

"When seeking a communications firm, we were looking for a group that had in-depth experience in the semiconductor industry. We found what we were looking for with the Slider team. The outstanding exposure that Slider & Associates has been able to generate for us with key analysts and industry press has proven to be our most powerful marketing tool."
 - Dan Holden, Director of Marketing at Power X Networks

Remedy Logo

Goal - Leverage Remedy's stellar reputation in the help desk arena and become known as a leader in automating the workplace with superior software for non-production purchasing and new employee setup.


Strategy - Begin awareness campaign with the most influential analysts in the employee workplace automation arena as well as with Remedy's investment community.

Cost-Effective Results - Initial analyst tour and IR events

"Slider & Associates is a team of seasoned marketing and PR professionals who provide a level of expertise and quality of service that supersedes any PR firm I've worked with before."
 - Elaine Therrien, Product Line Manager at Remedy Corporation

ShoreTel Logo

Goal – Re-Brand Shoreline as ShoreTel and create awareness of its newly updated VoIP system with new, sophisticated family of IP phones



Cost-Effective Results

Network World, April 26, 2004
Shoreline Becomes ShoreTel, Pumps Up VoIP

On the product front, Elizabeth Herrell, an analyst with Forrester Research, says the ShoreTel equipment offers a good alternative to the big name VoIP players – 3Com, Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco, Nortel and Siemens…Their stuff is easy to deploy and manage, and doesn’t have a single point of failure because of its distributed model, she says. “They’ve built a small but loyal following with these products.

Stretch Logo



Strategy – Establish relationships with the most influential press and analysts in this segment of the semiconductor industry

Cost-Effective Results

“Sometimes the best inventions come from taking two familiar things and combining them in a new way. Stretch has done just that with its new software-configurable processor chip. It takes FPGAs and user-configurable processors, both of which have been around for years, and combines them in a truly new product. It's as simple or as powerful as customers want it to be.”
 - Jim Turley, Editor & Principal Analyst, Silicon Insider

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